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Resume: Chris Comeau: iOS Developer

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General Information

chris_jardin1 Name: Christian Comeau

Role: Programmer

Email: [email protected]





Knowledge and Abilities


  • French: spoken, written and read fluently, first language
  • English: spoken, written and read fluently
  • Spanish: learning

Game Programming:

  • Windows: C++, C#, WPF, Entity Framework, DirectX, Visual Studio, .Net
  • Mac OS X: CodeWarrior, XCode, C++, Objective-C, RealBasic, OpenGL
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad): XCode, Objective-C
  • Java/J2ME: Midlets, JBuilder, Nokia SDK, BlackBerry
  • Palm OS: CodeWarrior, C++
  • Xbox 360: Visual Studio, C++
  • PS2: Codewarrior
  • Unreal Engine 2: PS2, Xbox 360, Windows

Web Programming:

  • Web: HTML, PHP, CSS, AJAX, WordPress
  • Flash: ActionScript, Macromedia tools
  • Database: MySQL, MSSQL, Access
  • Server Admin: Apache, Email, FTP, SSH, Ubuntu/Linux, hosting, Slicehost
  • Monetization: Amazon Affiliate, AdSense, AdWords, Facebook Ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Speed Optimization: PHP eAccelerator, Wordpress caching, Apache/PHP tweaking, Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Amazon S3
  • Command line: Bash scripts, DOS batch scripts
  • Tools: UltraEdit/BBEdit, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Araxis


  • Agile/SCRUM methods (stand-up meetings, code reviews, sprints, unit test)
  • Project Management: Basecamp, Assembla
  • Member of the Montreal IGDA (International Game Developer Association)
  • Attend local Startup events (Startup Drinks, Startup Camp, NewTech Demo)
  • Version control: SVN, Git, Bitbucket CVS, Perforce, SourceSafe
  • DOS/UNIX command line
  • Remote administration: VNC, SSH, Telnet, Remote Desktop, Timbuktu


Academic Training

DigiPen (Vancouver, British-Columbia)

  • Graduated at DigiPen, a specialized school in video game programming and design.

Champlain College (St-Lambert, Quebec)

  • Pure and Applied Sciences
  • Optional courses in computer science


Professional Experience


Skyriser Media (Montreal, Canada): January 2004 to Present (part time)

  • Owner, sole proprietorship, consulting/freelancing
  • Maintaining a few personal web projects (PHP, MySQL, Affiliates)
  • Worked on fixing/upgrading company websites (PHP, MySQL)
  • Creating games for Blackberry and iPhones
  • Worked on a medical related Palm and Blackberry application for Hospitals
  • Worked on-site on SQL and Mac/Windows pre-press automation software


Web sites:

iOS Apps:



Aurora Bar Code Technologies (Edmonton, Canada): January 2013 to March 2013

  • Freelance
  • Edmonton barcode based technology company
  • worked on C#/WPF/Entity desktop application for Albert Government


Spectrum DT (Montreal, Canada): October 2012 to December 2012

  • Small team working on iOS/Android contracts
  • Working on iOS health-related app


Ooomf (Montreal, Canada): June 2012 to August 2012

  • Freelance
  • local FounderFuel startup
  • worked on (unreleased) iOS app


Side City Studios (Montreal, Canada): July 2010 to June 2012

  • Small team making casino games
  • Programmer working on slot machine video games and web based tools
  • Working with Visual C++, DirectX, PHP, MySQL


Ubisoft Entertainment (Montreal, Canada): November 2006 to September 2008

  • Big video game company creating games for consoles and PC
  • Generalist and audio Programmer on current and next-gen surfing game.
  • Generalist Programmer on DS casual game.
  • Audio programmer on in-house sound engine
  • Worked with Visual C++, C# (for Windows, XBox 360) and CodeWarrior (PS2, Wii, DS)


Ingenio (Loto-Quebec) (Montreal, Canada): April 2005 to November 2006

  • Government lottery agency, creating lottery based interactive games
  • Video game programmer, creating casual games in C++ and Flash
  • Lead programmer on multiple projects


Octane Games (Arizona, remotely): April 2003 to July 2003 (contract)

  • Video game company creating games for cell phones
  • Programmer by contract: porting games to J2ME cell phones
  • Worked with Sun One Studio and Borland JBuilder using J2ME (Java) and Nokia tools and SDK


Hexacto Games (Montreal, Canada): December 2002 to April 2003

  • Video game company creating games for portables devices (Palm, PocketPC), and Windows.
  • Programmer and integrator: helped programming user interface and audio for games, and integrate graphic assets
  • Worked with VisualC++ (for Windows, and PocketPC) and CodeWarrior (for Palm)


St.Remy Media (Montreal, Canada): October 2000 to November 2002

  • Multimedia company doing web server content and technology for dynamic pages; some projects include image gallery search engines, and ecommerce sites. Other multimedia and print related applications.
  • Programmer: working on various Mac, Unix and Web based multimedia projects, search engines and ecommerce sites. Also worked on automated printing processes (using QuarkXPress extensions, AppleScript, RealBasic, CodeWarrior)
  • Also responsible for maintenance and setup of server security (installation, backup, updates, firewall).


Contraband Entertainment (California): March 2000 to August 2000 (contract)

  • Video game company that fused with other game companies, United Developers and Take 2.
  • Programmer by contract: working on porting a Windows DirectX action game to Mac OS and Mac OS X.
  • Worked with VisualC++ (on Windows) and CodeWarrior (on Mac)
  • Ported code from DirectX (3D, sound, input) to the Mac equivalent (3D using OpenGL)
  • Working remotely, scheduling my own time


Dragonstone Software (Diamond Bar, California): September 1999 to January 2000

  • Game company making a multiplatform 3D sequel to Classic “Dragon’s Lair” game
  • Worked as programmer on the Mac OS specific programming tasks of a 3D action game (OpenGL, input, sound), and some Windows specific game code (input, sound) using DirectX, and also worked on level-design related tools (on Windows, using MFC).
  • •Using CodeWarrior (on Mac), and VisualC++ (on Windows)


UbiSoft Entertainment (Montréal, Québec): January 1999 to May 1999

  • Big video game company making many cross-platform 3D games
  • Design-Programmer, programming artificial intelligence for game characters
  • Doing mostly research and development, working on behavior/physics for cars, boats and interactive game characters.
  • Worked with custom code editor and language (Pascal like)


(References available upon requests)


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